Not the Woody Allen movie…

Nor these…..


Though this is the first of  hands of bananas that have been picked.And there are two more to go…

…..Smoothies,cereal,banana bread,etc……

But this….


My Banana Shrub...Michelia figo

Even with all the cool weather we’ve had,TheGreatWall has taken on the scent of a banana popsicle.Everywhere I walk in the garden,I smell bananas….


Hardy to Zone 7-10,this one grows in full sun…..


No extra irrigation,but what the Heavens provide…

And,this year it is covered in blooms…..


It can be used as a hedge,if you choose,but I have mine growing with a Dwarf Bottlebrush.-Callistemon citrinus.Why I made that choice,I have no idea…..Serendipity? But whatever…it works.

Though the bottlebrush is a touch cold tinged,the Banana Shrub seems quite content.

To learn more about Banana Shrub,check here….

3 responses to “Bananas…..

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  2. I love the flowers on this plant. Beautiful! I never heard of the banana shrub before.

  3. Sue,it is wonderful.So carefree,and smells delicious.Everyone that comes in the back garden comments on the banana smell.

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