Winter in Florida….

Yep,winter has come to TheGreatWall.

A Florida style winter.Cool (40-50’s style) and rainy.Three days of it.I grew up in the snow belt of Western New York,but after living in Florida for 30+ years, this weather has been cold and damp to me.

….I think my blood has thinned out….

This afternoon,between the rain showers,I managed to get these random shots….

Meyer Lemon blossoms….IMG_0742

a female cardinal at one of the feeders….IMG_0749

Camellia blossom….IMG_0753

Tomorrow is to be better weather,so maybe…

…I can give some thought to this mess….


….and,finally,finish the garden pathway renovation.

…..I kinda/sorta got distracted…..


… week I have an appointment with some manatees,

….and kayak lessons,

so that might get pushed back a few days……

3 responses to “Winter in Florida….

  1. The Camellia is beautiful! I love the color of it. Glad you got some rain, too.

  2. We most definitely needed the rain.If,for nothing else,to get us thru the dry,hot season,which will soon be here.

  3. Yes, we needed the rain, but it was so good to see some sunshine yesterday.

    My gardens need work too, all in good time.

    Have fun with the manatees and kayaking.


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