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’round here….

we bleed blue and orange

…Erich,the Younger,is a Florida alum…


….in honor of the Gators making it to the Final Four,the garden is showing off blue and orange,too.




Blue-eyed GrassIMG_0909


A brom (unknown name) ready to bloomIMG_0896


someone doesn’t know that….IMG_0908

It’s great.

To be.


Florida Gator!


No……not Janet Jackson kinda Nasty,

…but my mother’s.My mother had nicknames for plants.She never,ever called them by their real names.She made things up.My dad hated that.He was an engineer and insisted upon calling things by their botanical names.But not my mother….I think she did it to piss him off…The only thing she called by their real names were her beloved Gladiolus.And those she called My Glads.”  She loved those stupid plants.When they retired to Florida,eons ago,she insisted they come,too.My Dad hated that,but he brought them (along with his beloved orchids) and planted them.He ignored them. I,actually,think he tried to kill them.. But she tended them and every year when they bloomed she was so excited.She called people to let them know.She shared them. I think her neighbors hated to see her coming,with her armful of her Glads. I know I did.

By the way,I hate them.Even more than my Dad.They remind me of funerals.

But I have digressed.

Back to the nickname thing.My mother called nasturtiums nasty urchins.

And so the reason for this post….

My nasturtiums are running wild!


They have become nasty….


They are all self-seeded….




At least they’re not gladiolus…..

A new addition…

…to the dining room.


Perusing blogs,as usual,,’cause that’s what I do….,I found out that the table I had been coveting for years,from Restoration Hardware,was on sale!

Dontcha just love to find a bargain on line?

Did I jump on that?

Oh,you can bet that I did!

Ordered it on line.

The first e-mail said they(RH) would contact me by March 28th to set up a delivery date.

I figured it would take 6 weeks,or so.

Next thing I know,they’re calling me that they can deliver it today,the 27th!

Yesterday,they called.The delivery time was between 11-1.

Okey doke….

They call at 10:15AM,this morning.”Can we deliver it,now?”

You bet your sweet ass you can!

I didn’t say that.


I didn’t.

They came.

They delivered.

They set it up exactly where I wanted.


I heart them.

It’s made from recycled wood and iron.


My favorite things….

I heart my table!!!!!

I just need another chair…..


Table: Restoration Hardware

Rattan chairs: Pier 1

Green chair: thrifted and painted green

Table runner: made from a drop cloth from Home Depot

Dough bowl: on line purchase from here.

A Little DIY……….

Take one Ikea counter stool….

…three of ‘em actually….



Add some spray paint……..IMG_0871



A little bright sunshine!

…kinda matches the dish towels….

Paths to no where……

After Monday’s clean up,it was time to move on to other areas of the garden.

The paths –to- no-where had been neglected for years.Almost three years ago I was ready to finish them with gravel and stepping stones,but then….First TheTree went down,then the pool was demo’d and reconstructed,then the house was reno’d,then the kitchen was added on to and reno’d…..

get my drift?

They were  muddy,slippery messes!

That point was brought home,Monday.

We slipped.

We tracked mud……


after two days of hauling gravel,two of them are done!

IMG_0848This one is my favorite.It is shady(the only part of the garden that is shady),all day long.Everything growing here is green and white.A cool respite in the heat of summer.The other half of this one is yet to be done.That half has been started,but there was a basketball game on today….

Go Gators! #1 seed! Yeah baby!

This one leads to the canal.The erosion here was bad!IMG_0854

Next up….

..this mess of a side yard…..IMG_0853

All of the construction of the past 3 years originated from here.Trucks,construction equipment,etc. were parked here.

It’s a mess!

Overgrown and weed filled.The plants that will be used here will come from divisions of others already in the rest of the garden.

But the weather forecast for the next two days calls for rain,so it may be put off for a few days.

Guess I’ll be cleaning house……

Muddy shoes……………..

Remember when I said “Screw It” ?

W-e-l-l,now that the weather has been perfect (sunny,dry,low humidity),it was time to begin on what I was ignoring.

With the help of Erich,the Younger,and Bob,my hard working friend,we set out to make a dent on the mucky mess that lives on the bank of the back of TheGreatWall.

No before photos,but some after’s…

This canal(it’s quite deep-boat navigable) connects a lake above us(via a dam) to our lake and our lake is connected (via a dam)to a lake below us.IMG_0840


There were snakes in there,but they were harmless.Black water snakes.No Water Moccasins,thankfully. A gator was heard,but not seen.Lots of water birds.Yep-there are fish in that water.Bass and Blue-gill,mainly.

As I write this,I’m kicking myself for the lack of photos.


The log will stay,as turtles like to sun themselves on it.Plus it’s waaay too big to remove.

The only thing hurt in this project was a bunch of muddy socks and shoes,a rake was lost/broken,and someone’s butt,who slipped and fell into the water(not me!).

Now,onto the final clean-up.

I need a new rake……..

A visitor at TheGreatWall…..

Look who came to visit,today….


While I was weeding the garden beds somebody came by…..


Looking for love.IMG_0838Great Egret-Ardea Alba with breeding plumage…

You’re in the wrong place,buddy…..