Sunken Gardens………

….is a treasure hidden almost smack dab in the middle of St.Petersburg,Florida.

After living in the Tampa area for 41 years,I realized I had never been there.It was time…..

Soooo,along with a friend,off we went.

Right there,on 4th Street,there it was.Pay the entry ($6 Senior citizen,I think) and you enter a totally different world…..No sounds of traffic.

This treasure exists,tho,4th Street is just a few yards away.

Across a busy parking lot is this…IMG_0802

A whole other world….





Anyplace that has flamingoes I love!IMG_0808These two are the last remaining pair from the original flock.

Beautiful,shady pathways….IMG_0814




Gorgeous,old,traveler palms….IMG_0822


…and Camellias…IMG_0832

The orchids kind of left me wanting,but maybe later in the year,they will be better….?IMG_0823


I totally have container lust….IMG_0833

You want yoga? They have it every morning….IMG_0804

Afternoons are reserved for kids yoga…

So,if you ever visit St. Petersburg,or Clearwater Beach,and want a get-away from the beaches and tourists,by all means visit this hidden gem.

For more info,visit here…..

3 responses to “Sunken Gardens………

  1. I love it! Might have to make a trip over there. It looks beautiful. Loved your photos.

  2. Wish I lived closer, that would be a wonderful place to visit. It reminds me of our own Mounts Botanical Gardens. I went there on my birthday last March, and like you say, it was a whole different world.

    Thank you for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  3. Lorraine-it is well worth the trip.A beautiful peaceful place.

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