A new addition…

…to the dining room.


Perusing blogs,as usual,,’cause that’s what I do….,I found out that the table I had been coveting for years,from Restoration Hardware,was on sale!

Dontcha just love to find a bargain on line?

Did I jump on that?

Oh,you can bet that I did!

Ordered it on line.

The first e-mail said they(RH) would contact me by March 28th to set up a delivery date.

I figured it would take 6 weeks,or so.

Next thing I know,they’re calling me that they can deliver it today,the 27th!

Yesterday,they called.The delivery time was between 11-1.

Okey doke….

They call at 10:15AM,this morning.”Can we deliver it,now?”

You bet your sweet ass you can!

I didn’t say that.


I didn’t.

They came.

They delivered.

They set it up exactly where I wanted.


I heart them.

It’s made from recycled wood and iron.


My favorite things….

I heart my table!!!!!

I just need another chair…..


Table: Restoration Hardware

Rattan chairs: Pier 1

Green chair: thrifted and painted green

Table runner: made from a drop cloth from Home Depot

Dough bowl: on line purchase from here.

3 responses to “A new addition…

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  2. Wow! Don’t you just love it when things come together like that? You got something you love on sale, it was delivered early, set up nicely and is a joy to you!

    It all looks lovely ~ FlowerLady

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