No……not Janet Jackson kinda Nasty,

…but my mother’s.My mother had nicknames for plants.She never,ever called them by their real names.She made things up.My dad hated that.He was an engineer and insisted upon calling things by their botanical names.But not my mother….I think she did it to piss him off…The only thing she called by their real names were her beloved Gladiolus.And those she called My Glads.”  She loved those stupid plants.When they retired to Florida,eons ago,she insisted they come,too.My Dad hated that,but he brought them (along with his beloved orchids) and planted them.He ignored them. I,actually,think he tried to kill them.. But she tended them and every year when they bloomed she was so excited.She called people to let them know.She shared them. I think her neighbors hated to see her coming,with her armful of her Glads. I know I did.

By the way,I hate them.Even more than my Dad.They remind me of funerals.

But I have digressed.

Back to the nickname thing.My mother called nasturtiums nasty urchins.

And so the reason for this post….

My nasturtiums are running wild!


They have become nasty….


They are all self-seeded….




At least they’re not gladiolus…..

2 responses to “Nasty….

  1. Love your nasty urchins! That was such a nice story about your Mom & Dad. I loved it. Beautiful pictures of your flowers. I like glads, but I don’t like the fact that up north we have to dig them up in the fall, and then when they start coming up in the spring you have to stake them or they’ll all end up on the ground after a heavy rain or wind. There are so many beautiful colors (& multicolors) now that they are stunning.

  2. They have to be staked in Florida,too.But at least they don’t have to be dug up every Fall.But they still remind me of funerals…..

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