’round here….

we bleed blue and orange

…Erich,the Younger,is a Florida alum…


….in honor of the Gators making it to the Final Four,the garden is showing off blue and orange,too.




Blue-eyed GrassIMG_0909


A brom (unknown name) ready to bloomIMG_0896


someone doesn’t know that….IMG_0908

It’s great.

To be.


Florida Gator!

4 responses to “’round here….

  1. What fantastic colors of blooms! Where did you get your blue-eyed grass? I have yellow bulbines, yours are pretty with the two colors.

    I love your gray tootie-patootie too. Very loveable looking.

    Happy Spring and have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Love all your blooms! I’ve never seen the bulbines before. Very nice.

  3. Lorraine-I bought the bulbine years ago,at Home Depot.They still carry it.I’d love to get the yellow bulbine.

  4. Sue-bulbine is so easy to grow,here in Zone 9B.Very drought and cold tolerant.Very easy to divide,too.

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