On this Friday,things I want….

Anyone who knows me,knows I love yard art.
Quirky things that make the garden interesting.
Things that make you stop and look.

When we were at Marie Selby Gardens this past week,there were plenty of things I lusted after…..
(I swear I didn’t embarrass myself…….nor did anything come home in my purse,as tempting as it was)
Like these


IMG_0935I love,love,love this Buddha! And the flowers make me go,”ahhhhh……”

Can you imagine this at the entrance to your garden?

Ponds and waterfalls….



I love rock retaining walls,and I would love to have one like this…

This is what I call a patio cover!


A great idea for a fountain..

Now,excuse me while I go pout and wish I had all of the above……

3 responses to “On this Friday,things I want….

  1. Beautiful stuff…. I need a longer summer so I can construct such things.

  2. I love those waterfalls and rock formations.

    Gives one ideas to do ourselves.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

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