In the evening………

The garden takes on a different look. Especially at this time of year. Spring time in Florida…
The plants seem to take on a different hue.

Take Louis Phillipe, for instance….
….dontcha just love that name?

IMG_0993 Granted he got whacked waaay back a few weeks ago, but in the evening light he looks quite handsome,doesn’t he?IMG_0992For a Florida Cracker-style rose,he’s a keeper.

As is the pink Knock-out rose…IMG_0994… the evening light it looks spectacular….

…..and the Angel’s Trumpet has been outstanding all year.Even thru the cooler months of the winter,it never turned a hair.IMG_0997

In the evening,the scent is incredible…..
I am blessed to have three of these beauties and to walk amongst them,in the evening is pure heaven.The scent is almost overwhelming.

Do you love walking through your garden,in the evening,as much as I do?

4 responses to “In the evening………

  1. Beautiful photos! I love the knockout roses too. They are so easy to care for and bloom so frequently. Angels Trumpets are one of my favorite, too, but don’t have any at the moment. Hope to get some seeds from some of my friends this year.

  2. Sue-next year when you’re down here,I can give you a cutting.

  3. L.P. is one of my all-time favorites in the garden. I had a beautiful angel’s trumpet, but lost it due to drought a few years back. I loved it and it was always a joy to see all of those wonderful trumpets and to smell their scent.

    I need to go out and walk around my gardens more in the evenings. A quick walk though as mosquitoes love me.

    Have a wonderful Easter week and happy gardening ~ FlowerLady

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