Brassica narinosa
Spinach mustard,spoon mustard,Rosette bok choy,
….what ever you want to call it….
Where I first heard about this green,I have no idea.From one of the gardening blogs I follow,I think.
If it’s yours,I apologize in advance for not giving you due credit.
The gardening blog world is alive with info about Tatsoi.Everything I read about it said it was a great green.
Plus it’s fun to say.
Far be it from me to not jump on the band wagon.
’cause that’s how I roll….
So, I ordered some seeds,from here.And planted them.
Already they are up ……


and I have plucked some of the leaves and used them in mixed green salads.
They are right!
It’s dee-lish!
According to the seed packet,the seeds can be planted in Florida,thru August.
Winner in my book.
….so far….

For more info on tatsoi,go here..,

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