Spring is busting out all over….

My mother loved music.She was actually,quite musical.Not only could she carry a tune,but she could play the guitar(Hawaiian and acoustic)and the piano.Unfortunately,I acquired none of her musical talent.Another thing,besides bad knees, and a love of gardening,I inherited from my father.Though I think I sound great singing in the car.When I was in first grade,the music teacher told her I could sing,and my mother burst out laughing.”That girl cannot carry a note!”
That may have scarred me for life.Which is why  I can be found driving down the interstate singing Jimmy Buffet at the top of my lungs.And sounding pretty damn good,at least to me,so there!
She loved Broadway shows and knew all the songs.And all the words.Whenever a Broadway show was playing at the old Melody Fair music tent,or Prudhomme’s Theater,in St.Catherine’s,Canada,she’d drag my dad  to see them.And every Spring,when the first blooms would pop out,my mother could be found,in the garden,singing that song to herself.
So,today,in spite of it,I found my self doing the same thing…and then,I found myself thinking,”Oh Gawd,I’ve become my mother!”
….and,yes,I did hum her silly song….

The Sweet Gum Tree has leafed out….IMG_1070

as has the Vitex Vitex agnus-castus


Soon,it shall be covered with purple flowers,reminiscent of hyacinths.For more info…..

Simpson’s Stopper myrcianthes fragrans
I bought this one at SCCF,a few years ago,and it has grown into a large shrub.I have since found them in native landscape nurseries closer to home.I’ve even seen them at Lowe’s.It’s a Florida native and the mockingbirds love the berries that will follow the cute,little,Sputnik like flowers.

Wild Coffee Psychotria undata
Another plant that I found at SCCF,but they have since become available at more nurseries.For more info….

Hidden Ginger Curcuma petiolata

Caladiums are finally breaking through the ground…



And the orchids on the lanai are still in bloom…



Now,if you’ll excuse me,I think I shall crank up some Jimmy Buffet,or maybe some Train,and sing,at the top of my lungs,and dance around the house…….

5 responses to “Spring is busting out all over….

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  2. I sing in my van while driving down the road too.

    You sure have some lovely blooms there in your gardens. It’s already starting to feel like summer though and that makes me look forward to fall. 🙂

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  3. Lorraine-everyone should sing at the top of their lungs while driving.It’s good for the soul,and such an emotional release.

  4. I love the photos and I really love the sputnik (Simpson’s Stopper) shrub. How would that be for a house plant? That’s they only way it would survive up here. I could pick up one next year when I come down again in March.
    Also, our caladiums just struggle up here. It’s really not warm enough for them, but I do love them. Yours are beautiful!

  5. Sue-I don’t know how the Simpson’s Stopper would do as a house plant.Mine are all over 4-5 ft. tall.But it’s worth a try.My dad always told me,,”Why not?” So,that’s the way I look at it.What do you have to lose?A few $? Maybe you’ll succeed.I say go for it.

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