Random thoughts and photos….

My mind wanders.Especially when I wander through the garden in the evening.I solve problems,I figure things out when I wander through the garden.So,bear with me,as my ADHD mind wanders,and my camera takes pictures….

Yellow African Iris dietes bicolorIMG_1072

Since I saw them at Naples Botanical Garden,a few years ago,I have wanted one.About 3 years ago I saw them at HD,and bought two.Just when I thought they were a bust and was ready to rip them out,this year,they have decided to bloom.Guess they heard me….

The Vitex is ready to bloom…

Why do I always start renovations when it’s hot and the AC is running?I repainted the master bedroom-I couldn’t take the paint samples on the wall,anymore-,but now I’m obligated to paint the closet doors and have the carpet replaced with flooring to match the rest of the first floor.What was I thinking?I swear it goes on and on….

I really like the way this container,on the lanai,has come together.It took awhile,but I’m very happy with it.

It has taken a year for it to have gotten to this point…Patience….
The last of the Iris blooms….

Jasmine is almost finished.I’m gonna miss them when they’re done…but I do every year…In the evening,their scent is amazing….

I really need to move the compost pile.But where to?
I wonder who the Bucs will take first in the draft….
The first plumeria buds!

This is a yellow one.The cutting came from my dad,and it’s always the first to bloom,every year.

Gaillardia with Angel’s Tears.Nice combo.Another happy accident.

does your mind wander while you’re strolling through the garden?
Do you use it as time to solve the problems of the world?

3 responses to “Random thoughts and photos….

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  2. Yellow plumeria is my all-time favorite! Can’t wait to see your flowers when they are in full bloom. Wish I was there to smell them. They just don’t make the best house plants up north here. Maybe I need a grow light for them. They haven’t even leafed out yet up here so not sure if I’ll even get flowers this year. You’re containers look great! I love that caladium in there. That really sets it off.
    And my mind wanders all the time- whether I’m in the garden or not.

  3. Oh my goodness, you and I think alike! And like the commenter above said, ‘my mind wanders all the time – whether I’m in the garden or not.’

    I love your yellow plumeria. I have one color and that is a pink. I have three huge ones and they are all in bloom right now and I have a rooted short one about 18 inches high which is just growing.

    I tried to grow vitex from seed and got a seedling, but it didn’t survive. You said you found it at HD, hmmm. I’ve been wanting this since I first found out about it and that’s several years ago now.

    Your container planting is very colorful and wonderful.

    I need to look up Angel’s Tears.

    At least your projects are indoors in the a.c.

    Happy living life one day at a time ~ FlowerLady

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