Peace ………

Only one of the many “paths-to-no-where” is shady.Underneath a stand of Norfolk Island Pines,it has been planted with white caladiums and Peace Lilies.Spathiphyllum.

In reality,there are Bird’s Nest Ferns,
a Brazillian Tree Fern and two huge Staghorn Ferns back there,too.It became a place where I put things after TheTree went down.And they all have flourished.
but so have the mosquitoes…
no rhyme or reason to this area of the garden.But everything has grown and making nice with each other.A happy accident,I guess.

But it is the Peace Lilies that have flourished.
Surprisingly,all have started as divisions from one lonely house plant.


It has become the only cool place to be in the heat of a Florida Spring/Summer.

-but you have to wear bug spray,there.It is close to the water and I am here to testify those mosquitoes are monsters!-

But,still,just walking backing there,one feels at least ten degrees cooler.

and they do love to pose!

…not like those pesky butterflies who refuse to sit still…



:: Peace::


4 responses to “Peace ………

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  2. What a lovely ‘peace’ful space. It’s is always great when plants grow and thrive where they are planted. I can imagine the coolness too.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Yes, they certainly have flourished for you! They are beauties. And they make a beautiful, serene garden area. They are lovely!

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