Pass the machete’….

After just one week away,the garden has gone psycho!
Weeds have gone wild.
Things up and died in my absence.


My Bat-Faced Cuphea died and is now surrounded with weeds and grass.
Cucumbers,cilantro,and tatsoi up and died…
Carolina Honeysuckle decided to grow like crazy.The hummingbirds are loving it,but me,not so much.

The Confederate Jasmine decided it wanted to get to know the tomatoes better….
Time to haul out the vinegar spray….

But on the up side….
The plumeria are blooming….



As are the Hoyas,Broms,and orchids….







Guess I need to get out the pruners/machete’…..

6 responses to “Pass the machete’….

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  2. It’s always interesting to see which plants survive and which suffer from lack of attention when you have to be away. How are the bugs in your garden doing? Our tatsoi and other Asian greens are getting damaged by various insects. Ralph goes on late night ‘bug hunts’ to try to keep the situation under control.

  3. It doesn’t take long for stuff to die even here in the northeast. Your plumerias and bromeliads make up for it though. Wow! they are beautiful. I received a young hoya plant as a gift and it flowered once, then the next year it sent out these long runners and I thought they were just roots so I cut them off. hahaha. I didn’t know that that’s where the flowers formed.

  4. You have some wonderful colors of plumeria. I really love that first one. I have a pink.

    Your other bloomers are gorgeous too. It is always neat seeing what another FL gardener is growing.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

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