Butterflies,Spinach and a bunny….

I got my first Spinach Tree,Cnidoscolus aconitifolius,or Tree Spinach,cutting from Meems.She wrote a great post about it here. If you want to know anything about this tree go there,’cause she said it best.

But….. Since then,I have a large tree… IMG_1370
see the Gulf Frittalary?
a smaller tree….ooops,forgot to take a photo
and a cutting has gone to Erich,the Younger’s garden in Seminole Heights. Since TheTree went down,I have been in desperate need of shade for the garden.And for a middle story tree,this one is great.And it’s a butterfly magnet! What more could you ask for? IMG_1357 The Zebra Long Wings are drawn to it. IMG_1363
As are the Monarchs….

IMG_1364 photo bomb by a bee! IMG_1365 Love the blooms!

IMG_1367 and the leaves….

IMG_1366 The butterflies seem drawn to it ,too.

But while I was patiently —by the way,I have no patience,either— waiting to take these photos,look who should come strolling by….. IMG_1352

IMG_1353 I think he/she is used to me….. ”Oh,it’s that lady with the camera.Don’t mind her.”

Have a great week!!!!

3 responses to “Butterflies,Spinach and a bunny….

  1. Wow! I guess that tree is a butterfly magnet! Lucky you! And great photos, too. Your bunny is so cute!

  2. Sue-this marsh rabbit seems to have gotten used to me,and doesn’t seem to mind me and the camera.The one that lives on the other side of the yard is still quite skittish.

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