Things I Like….


These candles…
….Seriously in love with this one,
…..for the bedroom….IMG_1402

….These two for the kitchen…

Love,love,love these candles.They last forever,all soy,cotton wicks,not too strong a scent,recycled wine bottles…..they had me at wine…
Available here….
No,they’re not paying me,but if they want to,I’m good with that.I just love their candles.

and then…
there’s always a “…and then I…” isn’t there?
This weekend,I realized I didn’t have a decent mortar and pestle.
So,I ordered these….

House is smelling good these days…….

2 responses to “Things I Like….

  1. I thought you cut your own wine bottles! I love those candles, too. I have the Green tea and bamboo one!

  2. I do cut my own bottles,but I have never had good luck with candle making,but aren’t those the best candles?

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