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Happy Birthday!

Remember when this muchkin was born?


That’s me!Emma!
And I created Miss Emma’s  Garden?


“Gramma! What happened to my garden?”

Ummmmm…..Emma, remember when we went to the beach?


“Oh,yeah.Seashells!I liked collecting seashells.And playing in the sand.

But what’s up with my Queen Emma Crinum?”
Lubbers!That’s what!While I was at the beach,with you and your sister,the stoopid lubbers moved in!Not to worry,though.There are two growing on the lanai,by the pool.



today you are

Happy Birthday!

Gramma loves you!

Lookk who’s here!


I have followed this inflo for weeks.
Waiting in total Anticipation.
Channeling my inner Carly Simon,I guess…..….

But,finally,here it is….IMG_1483

I was anticipating pink and white.At least,that’s what I was told it was.It turned out to be pale pink and yellow.Good enough.I’ll keep it.
This is the pink and yellow…..


…and the deep pink/red….


They’re all keepers!

Now,if the orange would just bloom……


The veggie garden has been officially put to bed.As I write this,it is being solarized….

gardenCompost and manure added.
Plans have been made.
Seeds have been ordered.The usual suspects.Green beans,kale,carrots,collards,turnips,radishes,lettuce(waaaay too may kinds)….tomatoes started..

And the annual perusal of recipes has started….
Ones I need want to try….
This pizza…. with kale
Green beans….
Hopefully,I’ll have bumper crop of tomatoes,so I can try this….

And the Yellow-top Flaveria linearis is already blooming.

Can Autumn,and cooler weather,be far behind?

Never give up……

“No. Don’t give up hope just yet. It’s the last thing to go. When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.”
Pittacus Lore, I Am Number Four

When I bought this Florida Anise shrub, Illicium floridanum,

a few years ago at the SCCF plant nursery,I had high hopes.
It would grow.
It would flourish.
It would love living at TheGreatWall.
We’d be the belle of the gardening world!
But most of all,it would love

Alas,it wasn’t to be.
It struggled.
It did nothing.
I felt defeated.
”Why do you hate it here?!”

Even though I read up on it,I guess I wasn’t the best spouse.
I didn’t fulfill it’s needs.
But I tried.
I gave it mulch.Good soil.Shade from the late afternoon sun.Watered it well.Talked sweet things to it.But it wouldn’t adjust….
Just when I thought divorce was inevitable,
and I was going-shovel in hand– to deliver the divorce papers…
I found this!

It loves me!
It really,really loves me,after all.
The relationship is back on….

Who else but me……

…..would be out in the rain,
standing on chair,
taking photos of their plumeria blooms?
After almost a week of constant on and off down pours,the plumeria are glorious!
It wasn’t an attractive sight,but I had to stand on a chair to take these photos.The neighbors must’ve wondered what the Hell I was doing.But that’s how I roll,when the plumeria are this gorgeous.They can deal with it…
All of the plumeria have grown like Topsy.Like that referral?
The white plumeria is over ten feet tall,
and still growing.


The white photo bombed by a wasp of some sort.





So,do you ever go out in the rain to take photos of your favorite plants? Just because their your favorites? And you know they’ll look glorious after the rain?

TheGreatGravelPathway project…

is finally done!

The last photo I shared,in April,showed it like this…….


Why I start massive projects in the heat and humidity of summer,I have no idea.
But,after much sweating,it now looks like this….


and this….


This pathway….


connects to this pathway….


Still to be done…
Stepping stones in this grassy area….

The GreatPlantRelocationandGardeningWeedingProject…..

…where’s the cooler weather?


Up and at ‘em early, for a trip to the once monthly salvage sale.Here….
Down in St.Petersburg.Off Central Avenue.Artsy district.Only opened the first week end of every month.Well worth the trip.
The crowd was huge.
AC,but I can deal with that.
Just some not so strategically placed fans.

Not to mention the morbidly obese guy with a bad case of body odor who seemed to be everywhere I went.Can you say  ewwww?

What’d I find?
After 45 minutes in line,with the sweat was running between the boobs,under the boobs,and down my back.You get the picture…It wasn’t pretty….
Until Erich,the Younger,moved a fan to blow on the humongous check-out line.Who also had sweaty boobs.Men,too.Many thumbs up and hurrahs to him,from the crowd.

this is what I came home with…
a handmade wool rug

with a good cleaning it will be perfect in front of the kitchen sink

a painting

don’t ask me why,but I loved it.
After getting it home,I took it out of the frame.
It was signed ‘53 ELK.
It is now back in the frame.

More blue mason jars-I already have two,I inherited from my mother-and an old milk bottle….

How’s your week end going?