Up and at ‘em early, for a trip to the once monthly salvage sale.Here….
Down in St.Petersburg.Off Central Avenue.Artsy district.Only opened the first week end of every month.Well worth the trip.
The crowd was huge.
AC,but I can deal with that.
Just some not so strategically placed fans.

Not to mention the morbidly obese guy with a bad case of body odor who seemed to be everywhere I went.Can you say  ewwww?

What’d I find?
After 45 minutes in line,with the sweat was running between the boobs,under the boobs,and down my back.You get the picture…It wasn’t pretty….
Until Erich,the Younger,moved a fan to blow on the humongous check-out line.Who also had sweaty boobs.Men,too.Many thumbs up and hurrahs to him,from the crowd.

this is what I came home with…
a handmade wool rug

with a good cleaning it will be perfect in front of the kitchen sink

a painting

don’t ask me why,but I loved it.
After getting it home,I took it out of the frame.
It was signed ‘53 ELK.
It is now back in the frame.

More blue mason jars-I already have two,I inherited from my mother-and an old milk bottle….

How’s your week end going?

2 responses to “Salvaging…..

  1. You got some great finds. I hear you about the sweat between and under boobs. 🙂 My face always sweats too.

    No finds on the way to work today. It’s just as well, I really don’t need anything right now.

    Have a lovely Sunday ! FlowerLady

  2. Lorraine-I think it’s pure luck that we went,today.And pure luck that I found things I was looking for,for a long time.But the sweaty boob thing I can do without.

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