TheGreatGravelPathway project…

is finally done!

The last photo I shared,in April,showed it like this…….


Why I start massive projects in the heat and humidity of summer,I have no idea.
But,after much sweating,it now looks like this….


and this….


This pathway….


connects to this pathway….


Still to be done…
Stepping stones in this grassy area….

The GreatPlantRelocationandGardeningWeedingProject…..

…where’s the cooler weather?

4 responses to “TheGreatGravelPathway project…

  1. Wow! What an accomplishment! Your paths look wonderful! That was certainly a lot of work. Looks beautiful! And what a lovely birdbath.

  2. Thanks,Sue.It was alot of work,but I think it will be well worth it.Already,it’s easier to maneuver back there.

  3. When an idea comes to mind, sometimes we just jump in regardless of the weather. I’m glad you have survived this project with all of the heat and humidity we’ve been having lately. It’s been miserable.

    What you’ve done looks very nice and inviting and you are inspiring me to keep working on my own gardens. Thank you.


  4. It looks wonderful, lots of toiling to make it happen, but well worth it. I like the mix of materials too.

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