Who else but me……

…..would be out in the rain,
standing on chair,
taking photos of their plumeria blooms?
After almost a week of constant on and off down pours,the plumeria are glorious!
It wasn’t an attractive sight,but I had to stand on a chair to take these photos.The neighbors must’ve wondered what the Hell I was doing.But that’s how I roll,when the plumeria are this gorgeous.They can deal with it…
All of the plumeria have grown like Topsy.Like that referral?
The white plumeria is over ten feet tall,
and still growing.


The white photo bombed by a wasp of some sort.





So,do you ever go out in the rain to take photos of your favorite plants? Just because their your favorites? And you know they’ll look glorious after the rain?

7 responses to “Who else but me……

  1. I love your plumerias! So beautiful! Don’t think I’d go out in the rain though. Think I’d have to wait until it stopped raining. Would not want any problems with the camera. Your photos are awesome!

  2. Fantastic photos! I’ve gone out maybe a couple of times to get photos in the rain, but it’s not a normal thing, as there’s usually too much thunder and lightening happening.

    Your third and fourth plumeria are my favorites. I love them.

    Enjoy the beauty of those blooms ~ FlowerLady

  3. i go out in the rain too to take pictures with an umbrella in one hand and the camera in the other. it’s an awkward juggle of equipment but there are some wonderful shots to be had as the raindrops glisten. your plumerias are beautiful!

    • Sherry-I can’t do the umbrella in one hand,camera in the other thing.I’m too uncoordinated.I just wear the wide brimmed rain hat.That has worked so far.I agree.Great shots are to be had after the rain..

  4. You don’t need to go out in the rain, wait till the rain stops and you’ll still get good pics of droplets on the petals.

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