Lookk who’s here!


I have followed this inflo for weeks.
Waiting in total Anticipation.
Channeling my inner Carly Simon,I guess…..….

But,finally,here it is….IMG_1483

I was anticipating pink and white.At least,that’s what I was told it was.It turned out to be pale pink and yellow.Good enough.I’ll keep it.
This is the pink and yellow…..


…and the deep pink/red….


They’re all keepers!

Now,if the orange would just bloom……

4 responses to “Lookk who’s here!

  1. all such pretty colors but if i had to choose a favorite it would be the deep pink red

  2. Sherry-I love ’em all. But right now,the yellow/pink is my favorite,just because I’ve waited 3 years for this bloom.

  3. They’re all beautiful! Wish I was there now to smell them (or wish mine would bloom up here in New York).

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