Happy Birthday!

Remember when this muchkin was born?


That’s me!Emma!
And I created Miss Emma’s  Garden?


“Gramma! What happened to my garden?”

Ummmmm…..Emma, remember when we went to the beach?


“Oh,yeah.Seashells!I liked collecting seashells.And playing in the sand.

But what’s up with my Queen Emma Crinum?”
Lubbers!That’s what!While I was at the beach,with you and your sister,the stoopid lubbers moved in!Not to worry,though.There are two growing on the lanai,by the pool.



today you are

Happy Birthday!

Gramma loves you!

3 responses to “Happy Birthday!

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  2. I can’t believe she’s 4 already! I love her cute birthday t-shirt, and that picture of her in the bathing suit with the hat is priceless. Happy Birthday, Emma!
    By the way, being from the north, I have no idea what a lubber is.

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