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The definition of insanity….

is a cat!

“I wanna go out! Now!

But it’s raining.You hate rain.

“I need to be in the great outdoors.”

It’s a screened lanai,you fool.

“I wanna go out!”

IMG_1558“Hey!It’s raining! I hate rain!”
Told ya….
”I want in.Now!

I give her 5 minutes.
Before she wants out,again.


Pine Cone Ginger….

Officially known as Zingiber zerumbet,Pine Cone Ginger is a mainstay in Florida gardens.Most of us have received ours as pass-a-longs.As did I.From my neighbor.
It is hardy from Zones 8-11,but has been known to be root hardy in 7B.
Late in August,the first stalks show up,with the cones that resemble pine cones…..IMG_1554

Later,the cones start to turn red….


Until they become this…

It is also known as “Shampoo Ginger” as it has been known to be used for shampoo.Hence it’s name Awapuhi.
Cut a cone open….


and you will find a milky fluid.I’ve never tried it as shampoo,but I have rubbed the fluid on a cut,and it has healed much faster than usual.
In a floral arrangement,they are a long lasting Autumn mainstay.
These were cut over 2 weeks ago.And are still looking beautiful!
Love,love,love  ‘em!

To learn more about Pine Cone Gingers,click here…..



The Great Butternut Squash Experiment….

The Great Butternut Squash Experiment…..

The Great Butternut Squash Experiment….

Awhile back,I bought a Butternut squash at Whole Foods.Organically grown,’cause I’m trying to eat healthy.
And I love Butternut Squash soup!
I saved some seeds.Three of ‘em,to be exact.
Because I’m cheap thrifty,
and my dad always did this,because he looked at gardening as one big experiment,
I let them dry.And when I was planting the Fall veggie garden,I thought I’d give those seeds a try.Because what do I have to lose,but a few feet of garden space?
So,I made a hill,mainly out of compost,and planted those three seeds.
And waited…..
After about five days,there they were!

So,now,I can be found out in my veggie garden… murmuring sweet nothings to my seedlings.
Begging them to grow.
And give me squash.
For soup!
….stay tuned….



Today,the first so called cool front passed through.
After a day of rain,we were left with much lower humidity,and a forecast for lower night time temps.
But….there’s always a but this time of year…..tomorrow is to be in the 90’s,but with low humidity.By this time of year,I’ll take what I can get.
If the first front passed,can the next real one be far behind?

Already,the garden is showing signs of Autumn.
Even though the plumeria are still blooming…


….the first signs of rust are showing up,and leaves are dropping.It’s a problem for we Florida plumeria growers,but it’s almost self-correcting.The rust shows up,leaves drop,the plumeria goes dormant,and then comes back in the Spring.

The Beautiberry Callicarpa americana L. is exceptionally beautiful this year.

As is the Yellow Top Flaveria linearis ….


After it is done blooming,I think I will take divisions,and in the Spring,plant the divisions around the garden.It seems to like all types of conditions.

The vegetable garden has been planted.
The collards are up already…IMG_1529turnip seedlings in the background.

The Cat’s Whisker’s Orthosiphon aristatus IMG_1524
seem happy with the weather change.

And,of course,Buddha is happy….

….just smelling the Wendy’s Wish Salvia….

How’s your garden growing?
Is it ready for Fall?


A slight lightning delay….

… the Bucs game.
…But not at TheGreatWall….

It is still summer in Florida,after all…..

Time to do some pruning.

Make an arrangement for the table….IMG_1519

Pine Cone Ginger Zingiber zerumbet
Jatropha Jatropha integerrima
Pagoda Flower Clerodendrum paniculatum
Canna (I got this from my neighbor,and have no idea what it’s real name is)
and a lone red Caladium
The lightning delay is over….

Go Bucs!!!!!!!!

…the Bills won…..

I’ve got loverly bunch(es)….

of bananas!

This year should be a bumper crop for the banana plantation at TheGreatWall.

one hand…..

#two hand…..

third hand on the way….

I just might over dose on banana bread……