Today,the first so called cool front passed through.
After a day of rain,we were left with much lower humidity,and a forecast for lower night time temps.
But….there’s always a but this time of year…..tomorrow is to be in the 90’s,but with low humidity.By this time of year,I’ll take what I can get.
If the first front passed,can the next real one be far behind?

Already,the garden is showing signs of Autumn.
Even though the plumeria are still blooming…


….the first signs of rust are showing up,and leaves are dropping.It’s a problem for we Florida plumeria growers,but it’s almost self-correcting.The rust shows up,leaves drop,the plumeria goes dormant,and then comes back in the Spring.

The Beautiberry Callicarpa americana L. is exceptionally beautiful this year.

As is the Yellow Top Flaveria linearis ….


After it is done blooming,I think I will take divisions,and in the Spring,plant the divisions around the garden.It seems to like all types of conditions.

The vegetable garden has been planted.
The collards are up already…IMG_1529turnip seedlings in the background.

The Cat’s Whisker’s Orthosiphon aristatus IMG_1524
seem happy with the weather change.

And,of course,Buddha is happy….

….just smelling the Wendy’s Wish Salvia….

How’s your garden growing?
Is it ready for Fall?


3 responses to “Fall…..ish

  1. I was surprised to see that your plumerias get spots on their leaves and drop. I thought that just mine did that because we have such a short summer season up here. Mine is still outside and it never flowered this year. Maybe if I had more sun instead of shade it would do better. I’ll probably bring it inside here shortly. They are saying we might get a frost tomorrow night. I can hardly wait.
    I love the beauty berry! A friend of mine has one but I don’t think her berries have turned that color purple yet. I’m going to see if I can find a place to plant one of them. Beautiful photos!

  2. Sue-rust on plumeria is a common problem here in Florida.But they are approaching their dormant season,so the leaves are falling off anyways.Kind of a self-cleaning type of thing.My plumeria are in full sun all day long.Absolutely no shade.Next spring you might want to do that.

  3. We got ‘no rain’ yesterday even though it was predicted and the radar photos looked like we were going to get it, but it all basically stayed to the west! I just poked my head out the kitchen door and it doesn’t feel much cooler. Of course, you are further north than I am.

    I am so ready for fall weather. Hopefully it will be soon.


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