The Great Butternut Squash Experiment….

Awhile back,I bought a Butternut squash at Whole Foods.Organically grown,’cause I’m trying to eat healthy.
And I love Butternut Squash soup!
I saved some seeds.Three of ‘em,to be exact.
Because I’m cheap thrifty,
and my dad always did this,because he looked at gardening as one big experiment,
I let them dry.And when I was planting the Fall veggie garden,I thought I’d give those seeds a try.Because what do I have to lose,but a few feet of garden space?
So,I made a hill,mainly out of compost,and planted those three seeds.
And waited…..
After about five days,there they were!

So,now,I can be found out in my veggie garden… murmuring sweet nothings to my seedlings.
Begging them to grow.
And give me squash.
For soup!
….stay tuned….


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