Pine Cone Ginger….

Officially known as Zingiber zerumbet,Pine Cone Ginger is a mainstay in Florida gardens.Most of us have received ours as pass-a-longs.As did I.From my neighbor.
It is hardy from Zones 8-11,but has been known to be root hardy in 7B.
Late in August,the first stalks show up,with the cones that resemble pine cones…..IMG_1554

Later,the cones start to turn red….


Until they become this…

It is also known as “Shampoo Ginger” as it has been known to be used for shampoo.Hence it’s name Awapuhi.
Cut a cone open….


and you will find a milky fluid.I’ve never tried it as shampoo,but I have rubbed the fluid on a cut,and it has healed much faster than usual.
In a floral arrangement,they are a long lasting Autumn mainstay.
These were cut over 2 weeks ago.And are still looking beautiful!
Love,love,love  ‘em!

To learn more about Pine Cone Gingers,click here…..



3 responses to “Pine Cone Ginger….

  1. I love those pinecone ginger plants! The color is so nice and bright and I like the fact that it lasts so long in arrangements. Beautiful photos!

  2. What a wonderful bloom and interesting that it has healing properties as well.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. millie Mckinley

    just had three show up in my yard where i had planted some ginger two years ago. good to know its properties and what to do with it it has been there for at least a month before I touched it and water came out of the cone will save it in the future…,

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