The definition of insanity….

is a cat!

“I wanna go out! Now!

But it’s raining.You hate rain.

“I need to be in the great outdoors.”

It’s a screened lanai,you fool.

“I wanna go out!”

IMG_1558“Hey!It’s raining! I hate rain!”
Told ya….
”I want in.Now!

I give her 5 minutes.
Before she wants out,again.


One response to “The definition of insanity….

  1. Cats are a hoot! I always like the conversations that cat owners make up about their cats. They are so real!

    I didn’t see an email addy for you here, so I’ll just say thank you in this post for your recent comment on my blog. My humble little cottage is just that, humble and small. It is dear to me though and I’m happy to have it, even though it’s not the same with out my dearest and best friend.

    Have a nice holiday tomorrow and a great week. Hopefully we’ll get some cooler weather soon.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

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