Florida’s change of seasons…..

The temperature has dropped.To the low 80’s during the day.60’s at night.
But most of all,the humidity has dropped.In Florida,that is a sign that Autumn is finally here!
The veggie garden is in full swing.


Yep,those are wine bottles in the raised bed.I’m going to use them to raise the beds up.Don’t judge….
Already,a few salads have been harvested.And there are baby squash to be found.
Thyrallis  Galphimia glauca is in full bloom.


Love that Autumn-like color!
The Lemon Grass is ready to harvest.


Meyer Lemon is in full bloom….


and with babies….


I have always heard that citrus have 3 year cycles,so I’m hoping this is the good year for production,as it’s had 2 slow years.And,already,it has 3 lemons on it.

Sadly,the plumeria are starting to go dormant.
The last of the blooms….

Bananas are still growing…

And Buddha is still happy….IMG_1593

….but the mosquitoes are still here……..

4 responses to “Florida’s change of seasons…..

  1. Loveliness abounds in your gardens.

    The cooler weather down here is wonderful.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Thanks,Lorraine.With this weather,it’s just so much easier to get out in the garden and work.Except for those pesky mosquitoes.I think we need a real cold snap to get rid if them!

  3. Sue Link The Northern New York Gardener

    I love the wine bottles. Can’t wait to see your finished product. Your flowers are gorgeous and those bananas Wow! Everything looks great. It’s cooled off here, too, 40’s.

  4. Sue-I look forward to 40’s at night.The collards and kale will love it.There are 3 hands of bananas growing.Between me and my DIL they will all be used up.

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