Christmas Cactii……….

Over the years,I have acquired a few Christmas cactus.
4 to be exact.
Most of the year they live in the back of the garden.Hanging in the Norfolk Island Pines.


No water,except for what Mother Nature provides.
No fertilizer.
Totally forgotten,until the day I remember they’re back there and maybe I should check on them.
Which is when I find them in bud.
And up they come.
To the lanai.
To put on their annual show.
Hanging on the PVC towel rack…They probably deserve better….

In full bloom…

But I did cave and buy a poinsettia…..

That’s how we decorate TheGreatWall for Christmas….

6 responses to “Christmas Cactii……….

  1. The cactus are beautiful, and to think they bloom for you with no care during the year. That’s GREAT!

    Love, peace and joy for your Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

  2. Beautiful! Those are the best plants to have: the ones that don’t require any care! Love them!

  3. Yes, if you forget they still remember to bloom. Love your garden name!

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