From Wikipedia…..
…..they just do it better than me…..

But mine are blooming…..

…..albeit a little late,this year…..

……Thought I’d share…..



Can Spring be far behind?

…..Hopefully not…..

6 responses to “Kalanchoes….

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  2. Those are beautiful! I tried those once. It was blooming when I purchased it, but I don’t think I had enough sun up north here in my house, and it never bloomed again. I ended up tossing it. But everytime I see them in the store I’m tempted to buy them.

  3. I see mine as I walk about the gardens, but none are blooming yet. I love your pink ones. I have the reddish/orange ones. Maybe I can find the pink somewhere. I’ll have to see if HD has any the next time I go there.

    Enjoy all of your tropical loveliness that surrounds you and thanks for sharing with us.


  4. Lorraine-I think I got the pink one at Publix,a few years ago.

  5. I have purchased many a dying Kalanchoe and repotted or put in the ground and they are a delight when they color up our “winter” here in Fruitland Park. Love them! I saw a bi-colored at Lowe’s and am waiting to get them on sale to complete my collection. Love your blog.

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