Wax Myrtle…..

After TheTree went down,I planted the Sweet Gum tree.
Close to it,I planted a Wax Myrtle shrub Myrica cerifera.

Just because I wanted to introduce more Florida native shrubbery to the garden.
I don’t know if this is normal,or the warm winters we’ve had the past few years,but it seems to be an early bloomer.
which I was not,but that’s for a whole other post….
It’s growing next to a Jamaica Caper Capparis cynophallophora
a Simpson’s Stopper Myrcianthes,and a Beauty Berry Callicarpa.
All growing by the water’s edge.
I’m aiming for a natural type hedge,by the water,which will provide cover and food for the birds,butterflies and bees.

So far,along with the help of the feeders,it’s working…..

7 responses to “Wax Myrtle…..

  1. It’s nice to see some color this time of year for us northerners! Beautiful! Is the wax myrtle related to the crepe myrtle?
    I really like the beauty berry shrubs, too. I hope to get one for my yard. I love the colors of those berries in the fall.
    It great that your planting the natives and attracting the pollinators. That’s so important in our local gardens.

  2. Beautiful photo’s, Chris – would love to see photo of the water…

    • Ann-we’re having a problem with Hillsborough Cnty. and the quality of our lake.Our lake association really has no say,but the EPA has total control over the lake,which has a problem with invasive water weeds.But the Cnty and the EPA. is not responsive to the issue of residents pouring un-needed fertilizer into their yards and ultimately into the lake.

  3. Hso gorgeous and what a paradise for a gardener!!!! Beautiful Christens!

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