Late January at TheGreatWall….

It’s kind of in between time,at TheGreatWall.It can be close to 80* one day.And then a cool/cold front rolls through,and the temperature drops to highs of the 60’s,during the day,and 30’s at night.
But the garden rolls on….
And things keep blooming….
Everyone of the orchids have scapes.
And,besides my Dad’s,two more have bloomed.


Wendy’s Wish Salvia is blooming,and attracting hummingbirds.Why cannot I get a decent photo of them?


Same with the Red Salvia…


The roses are blooming….
IMG_1802 This one is a mini white.
A pink Knock-out….
IMG_1806 I think this Camellia is called Pinky-Stripe…

And my favorite of all,the Banana Shrub has grown huge! And the blooms,this year,are overwhelming.The entire back garden smells like one giant banana popsicle!

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3 responses to “Late January at TheGreatWall….

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  2. Beautiful photos of your gardens. Lots of blooms in Florida, but not so many in New York State. hahaha. But so far, not too much snow so for me that’s a good thing.

  3. Your photos are fantastic. This is definitely a great time for gardening down here in FL. You have some real beauties.

    My orchids have scapes too. I check them out every day, awaiting the day they burst into blooms.

    I have a hard time photographing that Wendy’s Wish Salvia too. Haven’t seen any hummers around it yet though. I keep watching for them too around several plants that attract them and nada. 😦

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

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