A day for the birds…..

A beautiful,Florida day,today.
70’s,sunny,low humidity,and a clear blue sky.
Perfect for gardening.
I,usually,don’t take the camera with me,but,today,I did.
I wanted to see if the tomatoes….
IMG_1834 IMG_1835

and the Meyer Lemons
were close to being ripe.But nope.Not quite ready.Another day or two….

But it’s been a great day for bird watching at TheGreatWall.
IMG_1820 Female Cardinal

I believe this is a Pine Warbler.But I’m not sure…..
Carolina Wrens were in abundance.


Two female Cardinals having a gossip session….IMG_1815 (2)
…. about this guy….


IMG_1811 Red Bellied Woodpecker

This guy was more than pleased to pose….
IMG_1807He/she stood on my neighbor’s old dock for more than an hour before flying off.
IMG_1807 (2)
How’s the weather,today,in your garden?
Sunny and warm?
Or cold and snowy?

10 responses to “A day for the birds…..

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  2. Pingback: A day for the birds….. | The Great Wall of Lutz

  3. I’m struck at how crud-free your tomatoes are…no worm holes or other critter-induced nastiness – so fresh!

  4. The photos are beautiful! Can’t believe your tomatoes are almost ready. And are those your plumerias around your bird feeder? Mine (indoors) lost their leaves. It hasn’t flowered in a few years. Maybe it will this year.

    • Sue,yes those are the plumerias.They lose their leaves at this time of year.That’s quite natural for them to do this.I’ve found they need full sun,lots of water,and great drainage.Emphasis on the drainage.They don’t like wet feet.And the tomatoes are late,this year.I have no reason why,but it took them forever to set fruit,this year.My son has had the same problem.

  5. Great photos! It was a perfectly gorgeous day south of you yesterday too, unfortunately I was indoors at work. Today looks like we might get some much needed rain and I sure hope so.

    I’m going to be indoors doing some rearranging and will post about it later. Off to fix some breakfast now.

    Have a great day and a lovely week ~ FlowerLady

  6. Lorraine,the TV weather guy predicts a somewhat rainy week,too.Yes,we sure do need it,with the dry season coming up.

  7. I love seeing the birds on my property. Tomorrow I’ll be adding a couple of bluebird houses and a kestrel house on a pole. Free pest control!

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