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Why do the most beautiful things in the garden also have a dark side?

I’m talking about Quesnelia testudo…IMG_1857a Also called Turtlehead bromeliad,or Winter Torch.
A semi-cold hardy bromeliad.It can take temperatures down to 25*F,for a few hours.Most gardens in Florida have them,even though they are native to South America.
They tend to grow into large clumps,one on top of the other.IMG_1859a 
This is the time of year for them to bloom.The inflo is almost fluorescent.

But why do I call them “mean” ?
The ‘leaves’ have these…..

And if they brush against your bare skin,they burn!
Which makes dividing the clumps next to impossible.For me at least.
So,I just let them grow where they are….
Into huge clumps….

And enjoy them from a distance….

Not tonight…..

I won’t allow it!
…’s predicted to get down to 27* at TheGreatWall.
A hard freeze for hours
Yep,the news people are out in the strawberry fields.
We haven’t seen these temps,in Florida,at this time of year,in four or five years.We’ve been spoiled.But I guess Mother Nature decided to send us a flash back….
not funny,Mother Nature.
Cuttings have been taken of Ti plants,Devil’s Backbone,and the only old-fashioned Impatiens(which for some reason didn’t succumb to the fungus) that is growing on the lanai.
the dining room looks like this….

Too many orchids are in bloom.
These are the ones that are in bloom.
Lc.Gold Digger ‘Orglades Mandarin’

Jewel Orchid Variegated Ludisia-a very cold sensitive ground orchid,but easily propagated

IMG_1839a I bought this one years ago on the promise it would be a red.But it came with no ID.

Thankfully,my dad’s orchids are done blooming,so they’re being kept warm on the lanai.Right up next to house under cover and covered with Christmas lights.Along with some other cold tender tropicals ,ferns and broms.
All of the orchids have inflos on them,so they are hanging on the PVC towel holder and all covered up.

IMG_1851 Yes,those are beach towels-don’t judge…
The only other things I covered covered were the Meyer Lemon,which is covered with fruit,and is way to big to be moved.It’s down by the water,so I’m hoping that there’s a micro climate there to keep it safe,and the Jamaican Wild  Coffee shrub,which is very cold sensitive.Even though it’s in a container,it is also too big to move.So covered it got.
The rest of the garden is on it’s own.
I expect to see plenty of brown,tomorrow…


Tillandsia recurvifolia…

I bought this tillandsia at Marie Selby,over a year ago.
Tillandsia recurvifolia… IMG_18372

On the clearance rack-I’m good that way….
It was an underperformer,so it went to the back of the lanai,where all the underperformers go.After all,I didn’t want it to be embarrassed by the shining stars.
But,today,after the over night rains,I was checking on the orchids,which all have inflo’s on them,and I saw this…..IMG_18382
Sometimes,shaming works…..