Tillandsia recurvifolia…

I bought this tillandsia at Marie Selby,over a year ago.
Tillandsia recurvifolia… IMG_18372

On the clearance rack-I’m good that way….
It was an underperformer,so it went to the back of the lanai,where all the underperformers go.After all,I didn’t want it to be embarrassed by the shining stars.
But,today,after the over night rains,I was checking on the orchids,which all have inflo’s on them,and I saw this…..IMG_18382
Sometimes,shaming works…..

4 responses to “Tillandsia recurvifolia…

  1. Wow, that one is a beauty and one I’m not familiar with.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

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  3. Looks like you found the right spot for it! Is that one of the air plants? I bought a couple last year at a garden show in Winter Garden. And out of 3 I still have 2 left.
    I think I might have to make a trip to the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens maybe this year.

  4. Sue-yes it is.You must go to Marie Selby.It’s wonderful! Ted will like it,too,for the photo opportunities.

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