Jasmine and Honeysuckle vines.Oh my….

A sure sign of Spring in Florida-outside of the heat-is the blooming of the Confederate Jasmine Trachelospermun jasmiodes and the Coral Honeysuckle Lonicera sempervirens.

IMG_1899 The aroma is overwhelming….
This vine is growing on a series of trellises surrounding the vegetable garden.
When I’m in the vegetable gardening,the scent is so incredible! As a double bonus, it brings the pollinators in as well.

Also,blooming is the Coral Honeysuckle.


This one is growing on a trellis hiding the propane tanks and the recycle containers.The hummingbirds love it!
Now,if only I could capture a photo of them feeding on it…..

The Simpson’s Stopper Myrcianthes fragrans is also blooming.


The tiny sputnik-type flowers,on this Florida native,will soon be followed by red berries,which the birds will devour in a day.
The irises are putting on their Spring show….


And the hibiscus have started their Spring bloom….


But the surest sign of the return of warm weather is the return of the Caladiums….


This is “Miss Muffet.”

Any signs of Spring in your garden?

12 responses to “Jasmine and Honeysuckle vines.Oh my….

  1. Cynthia Hatalak

    Just gorgeous Christene!!!!

  2. Wow! So beautiful! I was wondering if the white flowering vine was a type of Jasmine. I’ve seen it down here, but I didn’t think it bloomed this early (I must have forgot I was in Florida). And now I know the name, too. Confederate Jasmine. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.
    And I love the “Miss Muffet” caladium. Beautiful! They don’t do that well in the north. We’ve got the humidity, I just think it’s not hot enough for them.

  3. Sue-I love the jasmine! It brings such a sweet scent to the garden.All day,not just in the evening,like some others do.Caladiums need warm soil.I’m not sure of the temp they need.They are what get us Florida gardeners thru the heat of the summer months.You could try digging them up and over wintering them.I’m sure they would do fine if you did that.

  4. Love your photos, love the “sputnik” flowers! And the Caladiums….and everything else….Ann Hilts Bailey

  5. Hi Chris, So glad to have found your new blog. It looks like you have a new URL. Your vines look super healthy!! Hope all is well with you.

  6. Wow, that Jasmine is just spectacular! I can imagine how overwhelming the perfume must be, but I would simply adore it. Love the honeysuckle display as well. Simpson’s Stopper is a new plant for me, and I’m really impressed with the form of its blooms. They’re spectacular!

  7. Bernie-I love this time of year when the jasmine is in bloom.It makes the entire garden smell so good! I do love it! The Simpson’s Stopper is a Florida native,and the blooms are very teeny,tiny.But when the whole shrub is in bloom,it’s impossible to not see the blooms.

    • I have a Jasmine climbing over the pergola next to my courtyard garden and it’s blooming right now. The perfume is very delicate though, not at all heady. It’s lovely though. Your Simpson’s Stopper is such a gem. You do have some terrific looking natives.

      • Actually,I planted the jasmine on the trellises to hide the vegetable garden.So,I look at it as a two-fer.They hide the veggie garden and smell so sweet!You’re right.A delicate smell but not too heady.Simpson’s Stopper is also a gem.Grows in all kinds of conditions.Can be trained into a tree or left to grow as a shrub.

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