A day of firsts….

FIRST off,we here,in West Central Florida,Zone 9B,went straight from Winter to Summer.At least it feels like it.Every day this month has seen above average temperatures.Not to mention that the AC has been running…..alot!  And any weeding I didn’t get done….Well,those weeds are now life-sized and threatening to take over my life,not to mention the garden…..My own Little Shop of Horrors….

But the FIRST Plumeria inflo has emerged! You know that has me doing the happy dance,right?
IMG_1923This is the cream/yellow one that I got as a cutting from my Dad.And it’s always the first to put out an inflo.But the red also has inflo’s on it.They’re still small,and numerous.So I didn’t bother taking a photo of them. Sorry….Get over it.You know there will be plenty of photos to come.

The FIRST blooms on the Bird-of-Paradise…
IMG_1924 This one has been in the ground since the new pool went in (3 years ago?),and it’s the FIRST it has bloomed.

The FIRST inflo on the orange Plumeria has emerged!

IMG_1925 Now,you know you are gonna be overwhelmed with photos of this baby when it blooms.So get used to it,okay?

The FIRST time this yellow African Iris Dietes Bicolor has bloomed.


It’s been in the ground also about 3 years,and just when I was ready to rip it out,it bloomed. #toughlove.

And my most favoritest FIRST…


My FIRST Indigo Bunting!

IMG_1920 That I’ve ever noticed,anyways…But it took me forever  -they don’t like to pose,I guess- ….like all morning….to get a decent photo of this guy.He seemed to be feeding on the seeds of the Lemongrass that I let to go seed.I’ve been meaning to whack it back,but now I’m glad I didn’t.He never went near the feeders.He’s just been there all day. #hoorayforlaziness

Any FIRSTS in your garden?

3 responses to “A day of firsts….

  1. We left Florida last week and you are right- it was Summer with no relief!! and the air was on most of the time, too. Of course we came home to the north country and while they had a brief period of spring up here while we were in Florida, we had snow today. So as far as first in the garden? I had some crocuses blooming when we arrived here. Other than that it’s been to wet from the melting snow mounds to check out the rest of the perennial beds.
    Your photos came out great, especially the indigo bunting. Can’t wait to see your plumeria flowers.

  2. That’s a lot of firsts. Your blooms are beautiful and that Painted Bunting – I’m totally jealous. And, yes spring was very short and that, unfortunately, means a long summer! Enjoy your weekend.

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