Remember when I posted this photo…..?


When I was anxiously awaiting the bloom of my “orange” plumeria? At least that was what I was told it was…..

This is what it is……


Not quite orange.Actually,it’s more of an orangey/pinkish/yellow.
For comparison,this is it next to the pink/yellow one I already have.
And this is the deep red one…..

I’m just a tad disappointed,but it’s still a keeper.

Now,starts the wait to see if my blue is really a blue…….

6 responses to “Sooooooo…..

  1. It is a stunning color!

  2. Christene, you grow such beautiful flowers, and take such clear shots! I think the photos show very vibrantly also.

  3. That is such vibrant coloring, definitely a keeper.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your ‘blue’ one.
    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

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