I’ve got a little problem….

….a tomato problem….

IMG_1931Super Sweet Grape Tomato(Hybrid) Indeterminate
It’s now over 8 foot tall.And still growing…..
One day’s harvest….
 They’re very sweet.A good snacking tomato.I’ve made Pickled Grape Tomatoes,Bruschetta,given them away……And still they keep coming! #firstworldproblems

And then I have this one…..
Solar Fire(Heat tolerant hybrid) determinate

A quite large tomato and “meaty.”A good ‘mater and mayo’ sandwich tomato.
One day’s harvest….

I,also,have a Kale problem.But I’m dealing with that pretty well.So far…..We’ll get into that in another post.I don’t want to overload you whining about my problems….

And then there’s the Lubber problem…..I’ve found they’ve developed an appetite for plumerias!
Which is a major no-no at TheGreatWall !
Just today,I beheaded over 20 on the yellow plumeria!
And 5 on the white!
It’s now become personal between me and them!
I shall be buying a new set of clippers just for beheading!

Stay tuned……

11 responses to “I’ve got a little problem….

  1. Yes, you do have a tomato problem! Don’t have that problem up here (yet). You’ve been busy.

  2. Your tomato problem looks like a delicious one. I hope the lubbers don’t come this far south.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. the tomato problem is a good one, the lubber problem – not so much. I guess you have to take the good with the bad. Yikes, I can’t believe you had that many on one tree. It totally grosses me out to step on them. Good luck…

  4. Just dropped by to see what your problem was…I have the same problem…so many tomatoes! I’m gardening in central Florida, zone 9. Been gardening forever, but blogging just a week or two. Enjoyed your blog.

  5. Chris, what is a lubber? Love your “problrm, BTW) ~Ann

  6. I know, the tomatoes are so happy already this season!!! Good luck finding new ways to eat them! 🙂

  7. ISIS could use a good beheader in their group. Plants look good sorry about the lubbers

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