I should be bonafide……..

This is TheGreatWall and I have an addiction.
A plumeria addiction.
A bonafide plumeria addiction.
I love them all
I can not have too many.
If there is one to be found,
a cutting to be had,
a color I don’t have,
I must have it!
No,seriously,I must have it….
I adore them.
Don’t ask me why,but I do.
I can deal with it.
If there’s a plumeria addiction group I should be a bonafide member.
….and proud to say so….
So here ya go with the latest blooms…..


This was supposed to be pink/white.Last year it was,but this year it has a orange/yellow tinge to it.I still love it.Very,very slight scent of a rose to it


The red.The largest,along with the white(which is a later bloomer),of all the trees I have.It’s huge! note to self-take a pic of this one–-Very strong scent of a rose.


The supposed orange.It turned out to be orange and pink.No matter.I still love it.These blooms last forever.I haven’t quite figured out what the scent is yet.Orangey/rose?

The yellow,which has a lemony scent has bloomed once already.But is in between blooms right now.
The white,which is a double and has a vanilla scent has yet to bloom.It does tend to be a late bloomer.

And the newest babies to live here….IMG_1952 The cutting was sold to me as violet/blue.We shall see.If it turns out to be that,I shall be doing the happy dance all over blog land!But it is a fast grower.I’ve repotted it once,and already it needs to go into a bigger pot.
IMG_1953This cutting it supposed to be Poung Chompoo.A white with pink tips and yellow throat.Time will tell.It’s a little slower grower,but looks like it wants to divide,so it may be an earlier bloomer than the blue/violet.

8 responses to “I should be bonafide……..

  1. I can totally understand your addiction and you have some real beauties and I look forward to seeing the blooms of new ones.

    I just got a new one and love it, pink,white and yellow, don’t know the name of it.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. At least what you’re addicted to is beautiful and wonderfully scented, and doesn’t impair your driving ability (LOL). They’re all beautiful!

  3. They’re all gorgeous! I especially love the orange and pink one…hope your new ones turn out to be exactly what you want. Happy weekend.

  4. They are beautiful, Chris! How tall do they get? Are they related to the magnolia?

  5. My white is over 10 feet tall.The red is wider than it is tall.Probably 6 feet wide by 5 feet tall.The others are about 5 feet tall.I don’t think they’re related to magnolias as they lose their leaves in the fall.And they can be propagated by cuttings or if you are lucky enough by seeds.I do have a white growing that I am growing from a seed.

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