I’m happy………..

This year the plumeria are having a banner year.
and I’m a happy gardener!
The red is still going great guns…
This is the full tree.
Actually,they’re not a pretty tree,so I try to plant palms,etc. around them for them to grow up through.Plus,the palms hide them ,in the winter,when they are defoliated.

The yellow….
This is the one attacked by @#$% lubbers.It seems they have developed a taste for the flower buds.So,I have to check it every day.A lemony scent.

The newest one to flower is the pink and yellow…
Love,love,love this one.A slight rosy scent.Not too overwhelming.

Still blooming,the pink and white,”Light Rainbow”…
This one is covered with scapes,so I think it will be blooming for awhile.Which makes me very happy.It seems to have developed a cinnamony scent.

And that’s why I’m happy………..

2 responses to “I’m happy………..

  1. They are beautiful! I love all the colors! Do you plant yours in pots or are they growing in the ground? It looks like they all have a lot of buds on them, too.

    • A few are in the ground,but most are in plastic pots.I cut the bottom out of the pot,sink it halfway into the ground,and fill with good potting soil.Those plants seem to do better than the ones planted directly in the ground.

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