It’s been cloudy all day.
Threatening rain.
In other words,a great day for photos.
So,here ya go….
Where TheGreatWall is at the almost mid-point of July…

Musical Notes Clerodendrum Clerodendrum incisum
So named because the open flowers resemble musical notes.
A close up of the flower…
Another view….


The white plumeria has burst into bloom….
If you only knew what it took to get a photo of this.
It is over twelve feet tall…
and yes,it involved a ladder,me grabbing a leaf and pulling the branch down….see my finger in the lower left?


After being decimated by the Lubbers the yellow plumeria is blooming…..
IMG_1994 This one comes from a cutting that I got from my Dad’s plumeria,that he brought back from Hawaii….
….and I gave a cutting from mine to Erich,the Younger,and it’s growing in his garden.
I love that gardening can connect generations.
A new pathway is going in….IMG_2003 Why I attempt these things in the heat of summer I have no idea….I still have some cleaning out to do…..
In the back ground you might be able to see the wild Cassava…
Behind the Cassava,you can see the Bay Oak that died from Laurel Wilt.It’s spread by the Ambrosia Beetle,which is an invasive species.I found out it can not just be taken down by just anyone.To keep the disease from spreading there are guidelines as to how it’s taken down and disposed of.

The Beauty Berry is starting to bloom…

…and for some reason the Carolina Jasmine is blooming again…..
I have no idea why,as it’s been so stinking hot,lately.But,I love the scent,in the evening,so I’ll not complain.

The Meyer Lemons are slowly ripening….
This should be its banner year (over 20 lemons on this small tree),so I’m anxious for all of these lemons to ripen.I have plans and recipes…..

That’s TheGreatWall is at the almost mid-point of July.How is your garden growing?

6 responses to “Happenings….

  1. Everything looks lush there in your lovely gardens. We need rain further south down here.

    I love your white plumeria, just lovely.

    I have a really small Meyer lemon tree with 4 lemons starting to ripen. 🙂 What are the recipes you are thinking about?

    Happy Summer gardening in FL ~ FlowerLady

  2. Lorraine-I have a recipe for Meyer Lemon cookies,and one for a Pound Cake.I have them on my Pinterest,but if I make them I’ll post them here.

  3. We saw some of the Bay Oaks dying when we were in Florida this past spring. We were wondering what was killing them. We have a problem up here with the Emerald Ash Beetle. They will be killing all the ash trees off in the northeast.
    I love the white plumeria. And I’ve been looking around for a Beauty Berry Bush. One of my neighbors has one and they are gorgeous.
    The musical notes flower is so unusual. I never heard of that before.
    You always seem to have so much energy when you start a projects. Can’t wait to see your finished paths.

    • Sue-this oak died within a week! And all of the ones in my neighbors’ yards have done the same.I found out you just can’t take it down.You have to have it taken down by an arborist and it has to be disposed of in a special way.Just to keep the disease from spreading.I tend to have alot of energy when I start a project but I quickly run out of that energy when it’s hot.

  4. Your mid-summer garden looks lush and fresh. I had no idea that the lubbers like plumeria. Glad yours was able to bloom. It’s a very pretty color.

    • Susan-it only looks lush and fresh due to selective photography.There is a lot of weeding that needs to be done.It just gets ahead of you in the heat of summer.I didn’t know lubbers liked plumeria,either.Though I’ve always had a problem with them eating the Queen Emma’s,this is the first year I’ve found them eating the plumeria.It makes me wonder why.

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