It’s rained all day,here,at TheGreatWall.
Serious rain.
The first real rain we’ve had in quite a while.
And we really needed the rain.So,I’m not complaining.
As my mother used to say,a real gully washer.
The day started off with a steady rain,progressed to thunderstorms,slowed down to a steady rain in the afternoon,and,now,thunderstorms again.
So,between the raindrops I ventured out,camera in hand,to snap a few photos.

IMG_2009 Pink and white plumeria.
It starts out like this and will mature to pink and white.

IMG_2010”Light Rainbow” plumeria

Yellow plumeria.
This one is from a cutting from my Dad’s original plumeria that he brought back from Hawaii.

Banana Shrub.For some reason it’s blooming again.

One of the many Buddha’s,at TheGreatWall.
I love them! They bring such a calming sense to the garden.It feels so peaceful to come upon one of them,when I walk through the garden.

Raindrops on the Jatropha.
The Zebra Longwings love this plant.Just not in the rain….

Love this as an accent plant.Does well in containers or directly in the ground.

Raindrops on a Fan Palm frond.

The rain is forecast to continue for another two days…..

…..more than enough rain for awhile……



8 responses to “Raindrops……….

  1. Your plants look so nice after a rain. And I love the color of the Jatropha plant. And I always looks forward to seeing your plumerias, too.

  2. Lovely photos with raindrops!

    The rain is welcome down here too. More is predicted for the next few days here also.

    Our gardens are loving all of this liquid sunshine.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Rainy day here, too. It was nice to be out between showers, without the sun torturing me(LOL). Your plumerias are exquisite, as always.

  4. I love photos of plants and flowers with raindrops on them. Love your plumerias!!! So, GLAD we finally got some good rain.

  5. Susan-I’m glad for the rain,but I think it’s gone on long enough.The garden is soaked and the weeds are out of control!

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