…fer the love of Gawd….

…please stop raining!….

It seems like it has rained for over two straight weeks here at TheGreatWall….
I’ve quit emptying the rain gauge….
I know it’s rainy season in Florida,
and we need the rain,
but seriously?
Two straight weeks?
And today,took the cake..
A true gully washer!
It started raining about 10AM,
and the Heavens opened up!
the whole sha-bang!
We even lost power for three hours.
What? no Internet?!No AC?!
#firstworld problems

It’s a drizzle now,so time to assess what’s going on….

some flooding….


a wet flamingo…. IMG_2033

….a pool that needs to be pumped out for the third time….

….not to mention the size of the mosquitoes…..

California feel free to run a pipe line from TheGreatWall out to you….

4 responses to “…fer the love of Gawd….

  1. LOL! I guess too much rain is as bad as too little rain and neither is funny. Heard on the news the west coast was flooding. Hopefully, you’ll catch a break soon.

  2. Susan-we are getting rain again,this evening,and due for another round tomorrow.I always say be careful what you wish for.But can’t there be a happy medium somewhere?

  3. Wow! That’s a lot of rain! We had a little last night. I guess enough to water everything, but things were starting to dry out around here. Like you said: it seems like there is never a happy medium.

    • Sue-we really haven’t had a lot of rain this Spring and the early part of summer.It’s really been quite dry.But the last 2 weeks we’ve gotten it ALL! And today was like a tropical storm type weather.Actually,south of me,in Tampa,they got way more than us,here in Lutz.They have major flooding.Tomorrow they say we are due for a repeat of today.Enough already.

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