These days,I’m not very happy………..

After all the rain we had the last rain event we had just over a week ago(17” over 3 days!)
and another 4” sits in my rain gauge,today,
we are due for another round of rain,starting Thursday,
The sump pump on the septic system was over loaded with the last rain go-round and burned out.
(I doubt I need to tell you what that means),
Septic people are overloaded and I’m “on the schedule.”

Even after 3 days of sun and heat,the front and back yards are like swamps,
Seriously,it is.Your feet sink and squish when you walk anywhere.

So I’m left with this….

IMG_2038Yep-that’s a trench.
To drain water from the front yard.
After the past few days,it
still has water running through it.
(whenever the weather changes and cools off,if it should ever do that)
it will be enlarged to become a dry rock bed bed to meet up with this one…
…which does work,but it is totally overloaded with the amount of rain we’ve had.I think hope it just needs more rock added to it.The problem is the ground is so saturated,there is no where for the water to go.
Our lake has over come it’s banks,too,so the water just sits,until either the sun dries it up,or it can sink into the ground.

But there are some bright spots….
An orchid has put out a scape…
It will be a deep purple.

…and the Pine Cone Gingers have been troopers…
IMG_2039 Even though they’ve been totally flooded out.

And I finally gave in,and joined Instagram.I take so many photos with my cell phone,I needed to do something.I added a widget in the upper right,if you’d care to follow along.

Now,it’s time for a glass of wine,and time to ponder all the digging that lies ahead…..


10 responses to “These days,I’m not very happy………..

  1. Yikes, that’s a LOT of rain in a short period of time. The rain for the most part has stayed north and west of me.

    I recently bought a pincone ginger. It’s really a neat plant.

    I hope you get some relief soon.


    • Lorraine-In the 40 years I’ve lived here,we’ve never had this amount of water in the yard.Pinecone Gingers are a neat plant.You can use the sap from inside as lotion.I’ve tried it and it does work.

  2. So sorry to hear that you are still getting rain. I was hoping that you were done with it. Hope you get some relief soon and things dry up there. I

  3. Sorry… hasn’t that just been Florida this year, either a desert or a swamp? We had rain for two weeks, now our mosquitoes are big as horse flies. Hope you dry out soon!

  4. Cynthia Hatalak

    Oh my! Feel the pain with you… are gorgeous as always.

  5. Hey Old Friend!!! Old as in forever friends, not our age!!! Your gardens still look lovely. I need to get back to blogging…Still trying to get back to life. Do you ever find yourself wanting your old life back? How are you doing? You are in my heart and prayers. Love, Deb

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