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Growing my own…..

Turmeric,that is….
After reading others’ blogs about growing their own turmeric,I thought I’d give it a try.
After all,it’s supposed to be good for you
I like the flavor turmeric gives to food,so what do I have to lose? Love it in scrambled eggs!
So,the next time I was at my local farmer’s market,I bought some.I already had the pot and the potting soil.
So,pot away I did….IMG_2059

Looks kinda gross,doesn’t it?

And this is what I got…


So,we shall see if I get some turmeric of my own….

My Dad always said gardening is one big experiment….

Did you ever try this kind of thing?

Pine Cone Ginger

If you are following me on Instagram(check the box on the right of the home page,if you want to see),you will know I posted this photo of the Pine Cone Gingers that are growing at TheGreatWall


PineCone Gingers are also known as Zingiber zerumbet(botanical name),Shampoo Ginger,and even Awapuhi.
I wanted to create a floral arrangement with them.And this is what I came up with…


Just some palm fronds,Cinnamon Fern,and some leaves from the Cannas.Pretty good for a free floral arrangement and the house smells like ginger.
They are not a pretty plant.

IMG_2057 They tend to spread everywhere.And I am always digging up the rhizomes.
But they smell so good.Just like the ginger spice.And when  you cut them open,you find this …..
Rub it on your skin,and it works like the best body lotion you can buy.
Really,it does.
Plus,it smells good……

And you do,too…..

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