Once upon a time…..

I was into thinking I was an artist.
And wanted to be a painter.
Actually,all I wanted was artwork on the walls of the house.

So,I tried my hand at painting with acrylics…..

Oils take to long for me,and Lord knows I have no patience……

Obviously,I’m drawn to beachy things…

And tropical things…..

But I think the best thing
–at least,I think so- 
I’ve ever done
and my most favoritest

is this portrait that I call
“Mom At The Beach”


It makes me think of my mother.
She loved the beach.
And she always wore a bathing cap.
She worried about her hair-do.
And I think she’d hate this painting…..

But it makes me think of her and her love of the beach.

I just may start painting again……..

4 responses to “Once upon a time…..

  1. Please pick up the brushes!!!!

  2. Have fun with your creative outlet.

  3. I love All your paintings, especially the one of your mom! Keep going…there’s talent there!

  4. I like your style 👍

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