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Why do the most beautiful things in the garden also have a dark side?

I’m talking about Quesnelia testudo…IMG_1857a Also called Turtlehead bromeliad,or Winter Torch.
A semi-cold hardy bromeliad.It can take temperatures down to 25*F,for a few hours.Most gardens in Florida have them,even though they are native to South America.
They tend to grow into large clumps,one on top of the other.IMG_1859a 
This is the time of year for them to bloom.The inflo is almost fluorescent.

But why do I call them “mean” ?
The ‘leaves’ have these…..

And if they brush against your bare skin,they burn!
Which makes dividing the clumps next to impossible.For me at least.
So,I just let them grow where they are….
Into huge clumps….

And enjoy them from a distance….