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Butterflies,Spinach and a bunny….

I got my first Spinach Tree,Cnidoscolus aconitifolius,or Tree Spinach,cutting from Meems.She wrote a great post about it here. If you want to know anything about this tree go there,’cause she said it best.

But….. Since then,I have a large tree… IMG_1370
see the Gulf Frittalary?
a smaller tree….ooops,forgot to take a photo
and a cutting has gone to Erich,the Younger’s garden in Seminole Heights. Since TheTree went down,I have been in desperate need of shade for the garden.And for a middle story tree,this one is great.And it’s a butterfly magnet! What more could you ask for? IMG_1357 The Zebra Long Wings are drawn to it. IMG_1363
As are the Monarchs….

IMG_1364 photo bomb by a bee! IMG_1365 Love the blooms!

IMG_1367 and the leaves….

IMG_1366 The butterflies seem drawn to it ,too.

But while I was patiently —by the way,I have no patience,either— waiting to take these photos,look who should come strolling by….. IMG_1352

IMG_1353 I think he/she is used to me….. ”Oh,it’s that lady with the camera.Don’t mind her.”

Have a great week!!!!