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Orchids in bud and bloom………..

….first a little history…
I grew up in Western New York.AKA the Snow Belt.But my Dad had a green house-that he built himself.He was an engineer,after all-where he kept his orchids.Every evening,when he got home from work,the first place he went was his green house to check on his orchids-didn’t make my mother very happy…..
To spend time with him,I would follow him and sit on the steps,leading down to the green house,and he would talk about his orchids.Trying to impart a little knowledge,I guess.I know nothing really sunk in,but I love those days.He was always so happy tending his orchids.In 1973,my parents moved to Florida,and all of the orchids came with them.He didn’t have a green house,in St.Petersburg,so he just put them in trees or around his garden.I am lucky enough to have them here with me-a cutting of one of his original orchids is now residing at Erich,the Younger’s garden,in Seminole Heights,in Tampa-growing on my lanai.In their own micro climate.I ignore them,just like he always told me to do.”leave ‘em,alone,girl.They live in the wild.”  In fact,I’m kind of careless about them.If I don’t have their tags,I don’t know their names.But I love them,none the less.
I guess it reminds me of my Dad….


Some of the orchids are blooming!

IMG_1007Paph. Magic Leopard ‘#1’ Hsinying Glory  This one very rarely blooms so I’m not sure of the color of the bloom.


IMG_1009an unknown cultivar of ground orchid

Jewel Orchid-Haemaria discolor

It’s nice to have a connection to those gardeners that have gone before us,isn’t it?